Join the iMedia Console Focus Group

A unique opportunity to join our growing community in the iMedia Focus group.

The focus group is a very important sector of our software developments, that we take seriously. Testing things like Appy in a controlled environment help us fine-tune the software before it is released to the public.

Your thoughts and opinions will be vital to us so that we can focus on real user based improvements, rather than relying on what we like or what we think is good at the moment. Who better to tell us what to improve than you!

We are asking for a total of 500 users to join a private iMedia Focus Group. We understand that not everyone is going to be accepted at this moment in time but group membership ends every 12 months so you may get another opportunity next year.

Universal testing conditions must be met for all members. To make this a reality we will provide you with the official iMedia testing equipment when you join. The test equipment is of the highest current Android standard.

AVS testing equipment – 2GB / 16GB Android Device + Wireless GamepadYour testing equipment will use the iMedia launcher with 3 months iMedia Gold access.

The total value of the test equipment has a combined value of $202.00. 

To join the Focus group we ask for a one-off fee of 99.99 to cover some of these costs and after your 3 months, membership is over you get to keep the physical goods.


Group information and test apk’s must be kept private
Use the device as often as you like, all we ask is that you complete periodic questionnaires.

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