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Here is how to install iMedia on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Kodi – or XBMC as it used to be called – is a powerful and versatile media player. You can access local video and music files stored on your hard drive, or download add-ons and access a vast amount of extra content online. Kodi can be installed on PCs, laptops, Macs, Linux machines, Android phones, and TV streamers running Android architecture (such as the Fire TV Stick). Here we’ll show you exactly how to install iMedia on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

iMedia vs Basic Kodi: Which is best?

We’ve had so many people ask us this. Why is iMedia any better than a default Kodi installation? Let us explain. Not only with iMedia do you get Kodi, but you also get access to premium services. This includes but is not limited to:

IPTV – Watch the latest live events and TV channels at the click of a button.

VPN – Free access to the in-app VPN with locations all over the world. Keep your usage hidden.

Mobdro, Hulu, Youtube, Teamviewer, Facebook and lots more features are included in iMedia. The best APK on the market.

How to download iMedia on Amazon Fire Stick

1. The easy way (5 mins)

  • Plug your Amazon Fire TV Stick into your TV and plug the USB power cable into a spare USB port or use the power adapter.
  • Go to Settings | System | Developer options. Find “Apps from unknown sources’, which should be switched OFF, and turn it ON, then say yes in the pop-up box.
  • Next go to the browser on your fire stick and enter the follow URL:
  • iMedia Console will now begin to download. Once downloaded, open up the APK and press install. – This will now Install iMedia Console + Media Player.
  • Once the installation is complete, you now have the options to install plenty of different builds, test out iMedia gold with a FREE 24 hour trial.
  • To access the Live IPTV, scroll over to the gold section with your remote, and enjoy. Not to forget, there is also Retro game emulators included with iMedia, so make the most of them.

iMedia has now been installed to your Fire TV Stick and you can now start enjoying the premium content Kodi has to offer + reap the full benefits of Gold.


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