Watching movies is one of the best forms of entertainment to enjoy the weekend, vacations, or to spend some free time. Recently, the trend of movie streaming is on the rise and some big brands like Hulu and Netflix have collaborated with content providers to offer latest full-length movies in a streamable format on mobile for a fixed monthly subscription.

On the other hand, there are a number of third-party services like Popcorn Time and CinemaBox who completely skips the legality and offers free movie streaming & downloading service in a wide range of film genres without any subscription, fees, or limitations on Android phones and tablets.

Moreover, you will also notice that some of the movie apps on the list even offer you streamable TV shows too.

In this post, I have listed the nine best movie streaming and downloading apps for Android which are ALL included on iMedia Console, for your enjoyment.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is for informational purposes only, you are responsible for all the content you watch.

Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV
Developer: Tubi TV
Price: Free

Tubi TV is an online full-length movie streaming service which strives to provide all the movies and entertainment content without any cost, so you can free yourself from paying any subscription fees. They have developed a mobile-friendly and optimized app for Android, making it easier for you to stream movies on your mobile device.

There are thousands of movie titles from various categories including Comedy, Action, Horror, Adventure, and Drama. Perfect choice for anyone looking to stream old movies for free.
Advertisement supported because there is no subscription fee to stream movies.


Popcorn Time is a torrent based movie streaming service provider. The app provides you with an easy access to all the latest and popular movies for real-time streaming. It has its own movie database that is frequently updated by searching for the best movies torrents from all around the web. And unlike any other streaming apps, Popcorn Time will let you watch as well as download movies without any limitation, anywhere & anytime, so you can enjoy movies for free and without any interruptions. All you need is a consistent connection to the Internet. Instantly stream or download any movie in HD 1080p video quality.
All the latest and popular movie titles are clearly listed on the homepage for quick streaming. Native support for movie subtitles.


ShowBox is an absolutely free app to stream and download movies as well as TV shows on your Android device without any limitations. The interface is well-designed and easy to understand. You can create your personalized list of favorite movies and then watch them one-by-one. If you have a high speed and stable Internet connectivity then you can freely stream movies right from the app. But in case your Internet connection is unsteady then it is better to download the movie and watch it later without any interruption.

Minimalistically designed and the feature-rich app makes it easy to stream unlimited movies from over twenty-four different genres including sci-fi, horror, comedy. Option to either stream or download movies on your device.


VideoMix is another popular movie streaming app for Android that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV series for free on your smartphone and tablet. The app is updated on a daily basis to add all the latest films and keep the content fresh. The user interface is clean and well-structured to help you find all the movies without many efforts. Also, the film titles are efficiently organized in different categories.

Option to download movies and TV shows for an ultimate offline viewing experience.
Ability to seamlessly cast movies to your Google Chromecast device and enjoy the movie on the bigger screen with your family.


CinemaBox is designed and developed by the creators of PlayBox HD, and this is the reason why the interface and functions are the exact same if you compare both side-by-side. Initially, the developers introduced their free movie streaming service with the name of PlayBox HD but then later relaunched as CinemaBox, which is the latest and current app to stream movies. The app provides you with a no-subscription and free access to tons of movies and TV shows from all the different categories and genres. The app even provides a native support for Chromecast for streaming on a larger screen.


Mobdro is the finest open source app for video and content streaming on the Android device. The discovery feature is designed to help you find videos streaming from around the world, regardless of the topic and language. You can organize the streams by adding them to favorites and then filter those using subjects or language. Mobdro even allows you to download movies and content so that you can enjoy them while you are traveling or offline. However, the downloading feature is available in the premium version only.

Clean user interface with an option to discover streamable content from around the world.
Downloading feature along with an ad-free experience requires a premium subscription.


Do you want a movie streaming app specially designed for cartoon lovers, which is safe for your kids too? Look no further. Toonmania is the app you should download and install on your Android device. The app comes jam-packed with all the popular and latest cartoons to keep your kids entertained for countless hours. You can easily search for the cartoon titles, browse through different categories, and find all the popular as well as latest cartoons available for streaming.

The app is brilliantly designed and provides a variety of cartoons for free.
Provides in-depth search, making it easy for you to find any title.
Ability to add cartoons to your favorites list.


Hulu is a popular streaming service provider that gives its users an access to watch and stream a wide range of premium television shows, kid shows, and movies on Android smartphones and tablets. Most of the movies and TV series available are current and newly released. However, speaking of the movies, you will find out that the varieties are quite limited and there aren’t a lot of latest titles to make your selection. The Hulu’s content library is amazingly huge but most of the content is in 720p HD quality.

Immeasurable streaming of movies and TV series.
Native support for Virtual Reality headsets and inclusion of VR immersive content.
Movie titles are somewhat limited.


Google Play Movies and TV would be the best choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable service to purchase and rent movies or television series. Moreover, the app is completely compatible with numerous Android-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, Chromecast, and Smart TV so that you can stream content on any device. We all are well aware of the fact that YouTube is the most popular video hosting service and media-streaming app on the Internet by Google, and the majority of videos uploaded are free to view. However, Google has collaborated with media corporations and organizations to offer movies as well as some premium channels and TV shows for rental or purchase.

Ability to watch purchased/rented movies and TV series on any device including Smart TV and Chromecast.
Option to download content for offline viewing.
Content are available in various video quality including SD (480p), HD (720p & 1080p), and Ultra HD (4K).
Rented movies, once you have started watching, will be available for the next 48 hours only.

Even if the movie streaming & Downloading apps mentioned on the list are not available on the official Google Play Store due to the nature of service they are providing.They Are provided on iMedia Console and most of them are free, reliable, and let you watch as well as download all the latest movies without any limitation.


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